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Slip-Test Mark IIIB: the first tribometer on the market to achieve Certification to ASTM F2508!  Click here for a spec sheet!  Slip-Test interview on Corporate Review
Click image to see our interview on Corporate Review!
ASTM’s F13 Pedestrian Safety Committee and top biomechanical researchers worked 11 years in developing standard ASTM F2508. An F2508 Validation verifies whether a tribometer's readings can be reliably correlated to actual human slip events. Certification of a tribometer design to F2508 is an even more rigorous multi-step process, involving an Interlaboratory Study that documents the repeatability and reproducibility of tribometer measurements.  See the Mark IIIB Certification Report here!

Slip-Test is the sole manufacturer of research - proven Mark IIIB tribometers, totally re-engineered from the original designs of safety pioneer Dr. Robert Brungraber.

Mark IIIB tribometer

• Tough CNC-machined billet aluminum structure, but only 10 pounds
• Test stair nosings in both directions of pedestrian travel
• Tests up, down, and cross-slope on steep ramps and slopes
• Easily test individual floor tiles as small as 8 inches square
• Stationary mechanical operation – no wheels, batteries, or CO2
• Parts are corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic
• Pelican 1510 roller case fits in airline overhead compartments
Mark IIIB Spec Sheet
  • Tribometer comes with grooved Neolite testfoot, extra testfoot clip, height gauge & shims, printed instructions, instructional DVD, Pelican roller case, and individual Validation to ASTM 2508.
  • PRICE for Mark IIIB:  $6,200 plus shipping.  Recommended yearly ASTM F2508 re-Validation is $500 plus shipping.

RENTALS - Slip-Test offers cost-effective rentals of the Mark IIIB tribometer, for customers that need a tribometer quickly for limited testing.

TRAININGThe Mark IIIB is easy to use, but for those less familiar with the complexities of pedestrian traction analysis, Slip-Test offers an ASTM F2948 - based training course on both pedestrian walkway safety and the use of the tribometer.  Call Slip-Test for details!

Trust the tribometer used by insurance companies, major theme parks, test labs, cruise ship lines, and the top forensic experts!